Grow your Shopify store through delightful customer service

Before: Open Gmail, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter on separate tabs. Share screenshots between teammates asking for help with a customer conversation. Open Shopify admin to check order details. Chaos.

After: All customer conversations from all channels in one screen. All your teammates on the same screen. View & modify Shopify orders without leaving the app. Commenting, sharing, collaborating and resolving customer needs effortlessly. Delightful.

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Answer customer questions in minutes, not days

Answer customer questions in minutes, not days

Omnichannel inbox

Live chat, Email, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter.

Team collaboration

Your whole team in the same place. No need to share screenshots on Slack or WhatsApp and wait for follow-ups.

Deep integrations with Shopify

View & modify your customer orders without ever leaving the dashboard. No more tab switching!

Client Word’s

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Dustin Miller

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